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Here you will find my most representative work in cosmology and galaxy formation with a strong focus on data-driven science, pattern recognition and data visualization. I also enjoy producing multimedia and interactive media for outreach. Please take a look at the sections above and if you find something interesting send me an email!

StratOS, a Big Data Framework for General Computing

We are now in the Big Data era where massive datasets are becoming available from observations and simulations. However, to date there are no efficient tools to manage and analize such large datasets. The original idea of StratOS originated from the need to run and analize large N-body ensembles from the MIP project, a parallel-universe simulation that requires the simultaneous analysis of the full ensemble, resulting in a bottleneck for conventional supercomputer architectures. Instead I looked into using a datacenter architecture where the data is distributed across computing nodes and analized locally. The problem was there where no tools that would allow me run general code on a datacenter. Last year I got awarded a seed grant by the Vice Chancellor for Research Office at UC Riverside in order to develop a Big Data framework that would allow the use of existing software to analyze data distributed on a datacenter. After that, Nathaniel Stickey joined my group where he took the challenge to develop StratOS. Nine months later StratOS is fully functional and ready for production! Please see the article here and the Bitbucket project.

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