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Welcome to the home of CosmicEmuLog, a simple Python emulator for cosmological power spectra by Mark Neyrinck. "Log" is appended to the name because in addition to the power spectrum of the conventional overdensity field, it emulates the power spectra of the log-density, as well as the Gaussianized density.

  • Download CosmicEmuLog, v. 1.0.

  • View the paper associated with CosmicEmuLog.

  • Visit the original CosmicEmu. Although it does not emulate the transformed power spectra, CosmicEmu is much more sophisticated than CosmicEmuLog, providing percent-level accuracy over a range of redshifts. Like CosmicEmuLog, it is based on the Coyote Universe simulations run at Los Alamos. Thanks go to that team, especially Katrin Heitmann and Adrian Pope, without which CosmicEmuLog would not have been possible.

CosmicEmuLog is very simple: it models fluctuations in the power spectrum at each k as a linear combination of contributions from fluctuations in each cosmological parameter. The data it uses for emulation consist of ASCII files of the mean power spectrum, together with derivatives of the power spectrum with respect to the five cosmological parameters in the space spanned by the Coyote Universe suite. This data can also be used for Fisher matrix analysis; please email if covariance matrices are also desired. At present, CosmicEmuLog is restricted to redshift 0.

If you have questions, please email me at neyrinck(at)

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Last updated May 12, 2011